Solas Fae

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 “I have a daughter aged 11 and a son aged 8.  My daughter’s first dance performance was a ballet at Theatre Royal in Newcastle and she’s just not as keen as I know she could be.  Solas Fae was the first dance show my son has ever she and he was enrapt.  I really wish all children could be introduced to dance in this way.” 

 - Catherine  Millar

Solas Fae


Watch as the mystery of an Irish winter unravels.Traditional legends inspired this story of love, loss and Christmas, performed with live music in unusual spaces; places that the family call home.


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Performance Area: Minimum space 10m square including audience

Height Clearance: 3 meters
Running time: 50mins
Performances available per day: 3
Power: not heavy on power as can provide generator
Get in time: Minimum 1 day preferably 2 (Available for residencies)
Technical support required from venue: To be negotiated

Lights and sound: Provided/To be negotiated
Performers: 4
Tour team: 8





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