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The D Project creates dance theatre performances for children and families.

Solas Fae

A winter fairy tale for families

Join us as the mystery of an Irish winter unravels. Traditional legends inspired this story of love, loss and Christmas, performed with live music in unusual spaces; places that the family call home.  Created by dancer-choreographer, Debbie Waistell, for the delight of children and families together.

 - SOLAS FAE ON TOUR 2014  -

Darlington Jabberwocky Market, Thursday 2 October, 1pm &

Middlesbrough Town Hall, Wednesday 19 November, 1pm & 6.30pmbook tickets

Here’s a video of an early version of the show


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Photos and video by Scott Akoz



Contributors:  Directed and choreographed by Debbie Waistell, dancers Marion Cronin, Crissy Reed and Michaela Wate, original music and performance by Carol Anderson, story created by Laura Degnan and Carmen Thompson, dramaturgy by Bernie C Byrnes, designed by Robinia Farnaby, production by Richard Agar.    Supported by Arts Council England and Creative Darlington.   Originally developed as Celtic Christmas, featuring dancers Lissie Connor and Lauren Rafferty (pictured)  and music by Mike McGrother, supported by Arts Council England, Creative Darlington, Luxi and Tees Valley Dance.


Solas Fae is now available to tour to theatres and non-traditional venues.  Please go to our Promoters page or email for more information about technical requirement, press coverage and our promoters’ pack.


Step Too Far

Choreographed by Debbie Waistell.  Performed with Robby Graham of Southpaw Dance during 2012

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 Photos by JG Nattrass